Securities & Private Equity

front of phoenix building croppedRecent difficulties in the lending markets continue to pose special challenges of access to many entrepreneurial ventures and established businesses. That factor, in tandem with the practical constraints that occupy the realm of publicly offered securities, have bolstered the need for (and have spurred the development of) private equity as a means of commercial finance.

Securities law encompasses numerous regulations and procedures that, in the absence of dedicated legal expertise, will frustrate any enterprise that hopes to syndicate its business via the issuance of equity or debt.  An equally extensive legal regime applies to questions raised by those who seek insight into the benefits and burdens that attach to already-outstanding securities, whether posed by the instrument’s issuer or holder.

  • Securities Law Compliance
  • Registration Exemptions
  • Creative Funding Platforms
  • Debt-Leverage Analysis
  • Syndication Opportunities
  • Pro forma Critique

Few law firms handle more such transactions than, and no competing firm applies more efficiency and care in fulfilling the client’s funding goals as, Lipson Neilson. We have the knowledge and experience to fully address, and to chart and shepherd insightful solutions to, all such goals and all such issues.